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Currently working in a Multi National Company, Glaxo Smith Kline Pharmaceutical Indonesia and managed communications and company's branding. Previously, I worked in the Ministry of Plan and Development of Indonesia as national consultant in political and communications directorate. Prior to that, I also managed RPJMN government's project review for the last 2015-2019 nationally as senior surveyor for Deputy of Development Monitoring, Evaluation and Control, in the Ministry of Plan and Development of Indonesia. Other than that, I spent 4 years worked in Indonesia Defense University as Secretary of Peace and Conflict study program.

In my career, i have led and set more than 38 projects, both local/national and international. The agenda arrangement process requires advance skills such as preparing in the beginning, problem solving, communications with the teams and shareholders and also the technical skills which I believe this is very important part to become a professional, since i fully responsible for the successful of the agenda.

I was led and mapping national policy for government's recommendation specifically for social issues. In the process, i supervised to communicated with Indonesia's stakeholders both local and national, NGO, and the society. I was held so many FGDs to discuss and map the right policy. I involved with the society as grassroots representation, and engaged with them to listen to their inputs.

In addition to that, i also responsible and advanced in writing the reports, articles that related to the project, and also press release to be published in institution's website and local/national media.

During my career, i also active to involve in community services such as coaching communications and Public Relations course and teaching International Relations subject in International University Liaison Indonesia. To support my concern on this, I continue to research and published academic articles periodically, in national and international journals.

With regard to career plans, I will continue to train myself as an advanced communications professional. I believe that from all the processes that I have gone through, I can form qualified skills and abilities to my works.

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